OSAKA NANBA nicoBAR~que-sera-sera~

Learn more about nicobar and enjoy it more!

Find out how to use nicobar in a way that’s right for you, and enjoy a happy nicobar life!

Special ways to enjoy yourself only at nicobar!

At our bar, you can enjoy the atmosphere, the videos playing and interaction with others who have come.
Also, alcohol strengths are noted on the front of the menu so you won’t mistakenly order a drink that is too strong.

Many people might think that “It’s a bar, so the only food they will have is snacks.”
But actually, we also put a lot of effort into our food!
Please make sure you get hungry and enjoy some of our food before you go!
You can view our food menu here.↓↓

The coasters at nicobar are printed with the phrase “nicobar NOW”!
In Japan, there is a custom of posting “_____ NOW!” on social networking sites to mean “I’m at _____ now” or “I am ____ing now.” So far, many customers have posted images of our coasters to show others “I’m at nicobar NOW!” Please be sure to post your own picture on social media sites.♪

Every Monday is Karaoke Day!
“Karaoke” is a system that allows you to sing along with recorded (instrumental) music.
In addition to vocaloid music and anime songs, you are free to enter in western music, rock and roll, classic hits and more.
Note: We ask that you not enter in a new song until you have finished singing your current entry.

At nicobar, you can request your favorite videos.
The videos you choose will be played on all of the large monitors in the bar.
Another way to enjoy nicobar is to find interesting videos from the videos played by other customers!
When you want to play a video, please feel free to inform a nearby staff member.

Nicobar offers a 120-minute All-You-Can-Drink special with as many as 100 types of drinks for ¥1,830!
Please look for your favorite type of alcohol!
*There is a separate admission fee of ¥370 (tax included)
*The admission fee comes with the appetizer of the day.

Make your way right away to nicobar, located 3 min from a Subway NANBA Station!

Directions to nicobar in NANBA.