TOKYO UENO nicoBAR~que-sera-sera~

TOKYO UENO Video&dining bar…nicoBAR!

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English menus available!

A taste we are proud of! Handmade dashimaki tamago (rolled omelet made with soup stock)!
¥630(Tax excluded)
We offer low-priced, delicious food! You can also enjoy many other dishes, including pizza, pasta, steaks and more!
Alcohol and food list
Our reasonably-priced two-hour All-You-Can-Drink special offers 100 types of drinks, including sake, shochu, wine, plum wine, cocktails, etc., for only ¥1,830!

Every Thursday is Karaoke Day at nicobar in Ueno, Tokyo!

We have installed JOYSOUND F1, so up to four people can sing at the same time! In addition to vocaloid music and anime songs, you are free to enter in Japanese music, western music and more.

nicobar is a low-priced, fun, delicious, video-dining bar.

Nicobar is a dining bar where you can enjoy delicious food and alcohol while viewing enjoyable videos.
You can also play videos of your choice.
Nicobar is a gathering place for people with a truly diverse hobbies, including music, games, anime, manga, events, fun shops, and more.

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